Video Tutorials

  1. Find a Book Part 1 (view on iPhone) - 5:33 - Description: Use the library catalog to search for books. Learn about locations in the library and how to read a call number.
  2. Find a Book Part 2 (view on iPhone) - 4:11 - Description: Use the library catalog to search for books and learn about using filters to narrow your search.
  3. Avery Index Part 1 (view on iPhone) - 4:27 - Description: The basics of using the Avery Index to find articles that have plans, sections, photos, etc.
  4. Avery Index Part 2 (view on iPhone) - 5:12 - Description: Search for specific illustrations and interlibrary loan an article we don't have.
  5. Avery Index Part 3 (view on iPhone) - 2:48 - Description: Learn to be aware of alternate names of a building.
  6. Avery Index Part 4 (view on iPhone) - 3:33 - Description: Find more articles by clicking on subject headings.
  7. Avery Index Part 5 (view on iPhone) - 2:41 - Description: Search just within a particular journal and time period-- this example searches within the Journal of Interior Design from the last five years.
  8. Avery Index Part 6 (view on iPhone) - 3:15 - Description: Find more articles by searching multiple databases at once including Avery Index, OmniFile, GreenFILE, Art Full Text and many more.
  9. Art Full Text Part 1 (view on iPhone) - 2:47 - Description: A general introduction to finding full text articles online through this database.       
  10. Art Full Text Part 2 (view on iPhone) - 3:44 - Description: How to search specifically for articles on art exhibitions. Also how to interlibrary loan an article we don't have.              
  11. Library Image Database (view on iPhone) - 3:43 - Description: Locate and use plans, sections, sketches, and photos from various collections in the Littman Library that are stored in the Image Database.