Rare Books





The establishment of this collection was possible thanks to the generous support of the Bay Foundation. It was started in 2004 as part of the Barbara and Leonard Littman Architecture Library. Our collection includes rare, out of print, and scarce materials (books, pamphlets, and maps) which date from eighteenth through the twentieth centuries. The holdings may be located by searching online library catalog. Access to the collection is open to university students, faculty, and the general public. Use of materials and photocopying may be limited by preservation considerations. Among collection highlights are: Schinkel,K.-F. Sammlung Architektonischer Entwurfe, Berlin, 1866; Scamozzi, O. Le fabriche e i disegni di Andrea Palladio, Venice, 1781; Letarouilly, P.M. Edifices de Rome Moderne. Paris, 1875; D'Espouy, H. Fragments d’architecture antique d’apres les releves & restauration des anciens pensionnaires de l’Academie de France a Paris. Paris, 1905, etc.