Museums of architecture and design

Museum of architecture in Vilnius (Lituania)

Latvian museum of architecture in Riga (Latvia)

Museum of Estonian architecture in Tallin (Estonia)

Swedish museum of architecture in Stockholm (Sweden)

Museum of Finnish architecture in Helsinki (Finland)

Alvar Aalto Museum in Jivaskyla (Finland)

Norwegian museum of architecture in Oslo (Norway)

Schusev state museum of architecture in Moscow (Russia)

Architectural museum in Wroczlaw (Poland)

Architectural museum in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

National technical museum (Czech Republic)

Benaki museum in Athens (Greece)

Architectural museum in downtown Basel (Switzerland)

Museum of design in Zurich (Switzerland)

Architectural Forum in Zurich (Switzerland)

Architecture gallery in Luzern (Switzerland)

Architectural center in Vienna (Austria)

Albertina in Vienna (Austria)

House of architecture in Graz (Austria)

Aedes Gallery in Berlin (Germany)

German architecutral Center Zentrum DAZ in Berlin (Germany)

German museum of architecture in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Vitra design museum (Germany)

Bauhaus Dessau (Germany)

Bauhaus archive museum of design in Berlin (Germany)

Architecture gallery in Stuttgart (Germany)

Museum of Architecture in Munich (Germany)

Architekturmuseum Schwaben (Germany)

Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Design museum in Ghent (Belgium)

Archive of modern architecture in Brussels (Belgium)

Victor Horta Museum in Brussels (Belgium)

Flemish Architectural Institute (Netherlands)

Berlage Institute in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Architecture Center in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Architectural gallery in Paris (France)

Architectural center in Bordeaux (France)

Museum of Tony Garnier in Lyon (France)

Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (France)

Le Corbusier foundation (France)

Center of architecture and city in Toulouse (France)

FRAC centre (France)

Center of modern culture in Barcelona (Spain)

Foundation Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona (Spain)

Museum of domestic design and architecture (UK)

Oscar Niemeyer Foundation in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The Skyscraper Museum (USA)

The Chicago Athaeneum (USA)

Architecture and design museum in Los-Angeles (USA)

National building museum in Washington D.C. (USA)

The Octagon museum in Washington D.C. (USA)

The Athenaeum of Philadelphia (USA)

National design museum in New York (USA)

Boston architectural center (USA)

Canadian center for architecture in Montreal (Canada)

Architectural Institute of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada)

Victoria and Albert Museum in London (UK)

Architecture Foundation (UK)

The Lighthouse -Scotland's center for architecture (UK)

RIBA-Royal Institute of British Architects (UK)